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Which is better ? Govt Jobs or Private Jobs !!

Answer of this question is very versatile for every case of student. In some cases Government Jobs are better and in some case Private jobs are better. In Quora there are lots of answer for this question. This question is very easy if you understand the one thing i.e, hard work.

Getting a government job is quite hard in comparison with getting a private job in terms of competition. For every 1 sarkari naukri (govt job) there are 1000 to 100000s of applicants. But there is favorable condition in private jobs because, in private jobs competition is very less in comparison to sarkari naukri.

But there is an another side for seeing the decrease in competition in private jobs. As the competition is decrease in private jobs as well as the salary (Pay Scale) is also less in comparison to sarkari naukri.

For ex.: 

  • Junior Government Engineer: Pay Scale of : 45,000 Rs. – 65,000 Rs. initially.
  • Junior Private Job Engineer: Pay Scale of : 13,000 Rs. – 28,000 Rs. initially.


Getting a sarkari naukri is a very competitive task as compare to private job. And getting a private job is quite easy as compare to sarkari naukri. But initial pay scale of govt jobs is very good for a same class of competition. We hope you will understand the difference between the Government Jobs and Private Jobs.

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