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Lucent General Knowledge Book | Competitive Examinations 2020

This General Knowledge book of Lucent Publication is meant for the students who want to strong their GK. Mainly it is very useful for the various entrance exams & to crack the various govt jobs exams. Such as UPSC Civil Services, CDS, NDA, etc. exams, State Public Service Commission’s exams., SSC, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL (10+2), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), RRB NTPC, SCRA, Bank P.O./T.O., LIC/GIC/OIC (AAO), RBI grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ Officers, CAT, MAT, CLAT, MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, entrance examinations etc.

MRP: 216 Rs.

Language: English

Pages: 410

Publisher: Lucent Publication

Index Content: Mainly divided into 10 areas.

  1. Indian History.
  2. World History.
  3. Geography.
  4. Indian Polity & Constitutions.
  5. Indian Economy.
  6. Physics.
  7. Chemistry.
  8. Biology.
  9. Miscellany.
  10. Computer.
gk book in hindi
GK Book in Hindi

What’s in the book ?

All the 10 topics in this lucent general knowledge book is explained in some sub-topics.


  • 1. Indian History

    Pages: 1-89

    The content in this Indian History is explained in such a way that, all the topics are classified with a help of dates & figures. Which is very easy to understandable.

    It is sub-divided into 4 topics.

    1. Ancient India.
    2. Medieval India.
    3. Modern India.
    4. Miscellaneous.

  • 2. World History

    Pages: 90-105

    World history is starting from Mesopotamian Civilization, Chinese Civilization, Roman Civilization followed by Medival Japan, Industrial Revolution, Second World War and other.

    It is sub-divided into 4 topics.

    1. Ancient World.
    2. Medieval World.
    3. Modern World.
    4. Miscellaneous.

  • 3. Geography

    Pages: 106-156

    Geography is very well explained in this Lucent General Knowledge 2020 book with the help of facts and figures. From Indian's Contribution in Geography, The solar system, The Date Line and Universal Time, The Great Northern Plain to Transport in India, Important Irrigation and Power Projects, Major Dams & all the other things are explained.

  • 4. Indian Polity and Constitution

    Pages: 157-203

    It is explained with the help of 46 sub topics.

    1. Evolution of Indian Constitutions.
    2. Constituent Assembly and Making of the Constitutions.
    3. Different Sources of the Indian Constitution.
    4. Important Parts, Articles of the Constitution.
    5. Schedules of the Indian Constitution.
    6. Some Special features of the Indian Constitution.

    and many other topics.

  • 5. Indian Economy

    Pages: 204-258

    This latest general knowledge book explains the Indian Economy with the help of 20 sub-topics.

    1. Highlights of Indian Economy.
    2. Economy & Economics.
    3. Characteristics of Indian Economy.
    4. Agriculture & Land Development.
    5. National Income.
    6. Economic Planning.
    7. Unemployment.
    8. Trade & Commerce.

    and many other topics.

  • 6. Physics

    Pages: 259-284

    Physics part of this book is sub-divided into 24 topics. All the topics are texted in such a manner that it will easy to memorize & recall. Topics include Unit, Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Gravitation, Pressure, Floatation, Surface Tension & many other topics.

  • 7. Chemistry

    Pages: 285-309

    Chemistry topic of this Lucent GK book is explained with the help of 16 sub-topics.

    1. Introduction.
    2. Atomic Structure.
    3. Periodic Classification of Elements.
    4. Chemical Bonding.
    5. Oxidation & Reduction.
    6. Solution.
    7. Acids, Bases & Salts.

    and many other topics.

  • 8. Biology

    Pages: 310-343

    Biology part of this latest lucent gk book is so diversed that it makes a sense to memorize the concepts. Not over this, Presently it is a best seller General Knowledge Book on Amazon

    • Botany & Zoology part is explained & summarized separately.

  • 9. Miscellany

    Pages: 344-399

    Content in this part of this book is explained with 79 sub-topics. This category is explained many areas including (First in India [Male / Female], Superlatives [India / World], News Agencies of Some Countries, NewsPapers, Government Industrial Undertakings & Many other).

  • 10. Computer

    Pages: 400-408

    Last topic of this Lucent GK Book is Computer explanation. It include only basic computer knowledge from generation of computer, hardware, software, keyboard shortcuts & other.

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